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Abstract Coastal Canvas

This is a 2 hour workshop with a 15 min break  

Have you ever wondered what happens if you drop a balloon full of paint onto a canvas? or what effect would be achieved by squirting paint from a water pistol? Well wonder no further!


This workshop is perfect for those who want to play but are nervous about creating a perfect painting > you literally are encouraged to play around with paint. You cant go wrong. 

We will start by looking at abstract experiments and mark making from the abstract expressionism art period, discussing what we like and how to achieve it. The day will explore fun ways of applying paint , creating textures and patterns . You will be encouraged to combine painting techniques and collage materials but the result is completely unknown and there is no right or wrong outcome.

There is a basic group task to loosen you up but moving on from this we will work step by step to create our own seascape abstract piece. There will be opportunities to try flicking, dry brushing, smearing and dripping paint to create texture and pattern.


You may wish to bring with you interesting images from magazines or text that you can use in your piece but this isn't a must as materials will all be provided for you. Become Pollock, Rothko or Kandinsky for the day or even better discover yourself!

Everyone will leave with their very own canvas piece to put up at home.

"Thank you Lesa for helping me create two lovely pictures for my bedroom. It was my first attempt and Lesa was an amazing teacher"- Pam Davies , Facebook review

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