Beachcomb Weaving :-

This weaving workshop uses the flotsam washed up on beaches from the Cornish coast. Things that people have discarded or mistakenly forgotten can be used to create a beautiful weaving art piece.  Each piece is completely unique and can not be planned with detail, they simple evolve. 

This is a very  relaxing workshop , where people work at their own pace. Its so easy to  become completely engrossed in the weaving progress.  After a quick demonstration of the activity, Looking at other artist who have create environmental art pieces and viewing samples of the task each participant will be provided with a small strong basic loom and the group will have a large collection of beachcomb bits and bobs.  Participants are encouraged to bring some of their own found beach items as this makes the work more personal and memorable. 

The workshop concludes with an opportunity to cut off the piece from the loom( or alternatively attend a further workshop and continue with your piece),  view each others work and take your wonderful piece home (you can then add further found items into the piece if you wish).


Coffee Cake Create 

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